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Municipal Infrastructure

Water & Sewer

"The essence of a community"
Water and Sewer System EngineeringWater Treatment and Distribution along with Sewage Collection and Treatment have formed the basis for successful community development. DGE continues in that tradition, providing sound engineering, innovation and project execution for system expansion and rehabilitation to ensure strong vibrant communities well into the future.

Storm Water Management

"Innovative, sustainable, valued"
Storm Water ManagementDGE’s commitment to sustainable development is exemplified by its approach to storm water management. We provide site specific solutions for aesthetically pleasing, effective treatment systems that are valued amenities in the community. Our sound engineering principals have produced a variety of treatment facilities such as on-line detention, constructed wetlands, permanent wet ponds that also function as recreational facilities, and dry ponds that provide playing fields. We also upgrade existing systems.


"The lifeblood of a community"
Roadway EngineeringEffective transportation systems provide the foundation for community development, and ultimately provide for its future success. The many challenges facing municipalities range from maintaining existing infrastructure to planning and constructing arterial roadways that support long term growth. DGE provides the effective economical designs that municipalities require through our commitment to integrated design, sound engineering, and experienced leadership.

Parks and Recreation

"The heart of a community"
Park EngineeringThe opportunity for social interaction and recreation forms the heart of happy communities. DGE’s commitment to community building is rewarded at the sight of children enjoying a summer's day at the local water park, friends kicking a ball on a sports field, a couple enjoying a stroll on a pathway system, and the sound of canoe paddles and singing birds on a neighborhood pond.

Sanitary Lift Stations

Experience to Highlight: Design, approvals and Construction Project Management for sanitary sewage lift stations and force main.

  • Whitecourt Golf Course - Installation of a sanitary sewage lift station and force main to support a new clubhouse and future development at the Whitecourt Golf and Country Club
  • The Meadows - Installation of a sanitary sewage lift station and force main to support a 190 lot residential development.
  • EPCOR Rossdale - Installation of a sanitary lift station for a laboratory and office building at EPCOR Rossdale in Edmonton.
  • Faust Harbour Estates - Construction project management for a sanitary sewer lift station to support a residential development

Rural Drainage

Experience to Highlight: Stormwater Drainage.

Description: Project management, analysis, design, tender and contract administration for drainage improvements along local roads. Some example projects include:

  • Lochivar Road - Drainage improvements for 1.4km of county roads.
  • Willow Creek Road - Drainage improvements on 1.7 km of local road
  • Ferrybank Low Level Crossings - Removal of low level crossing and reestablishment of creek bed
  • Scott Drainage - Drainage rectification for county road intersection and adjacent roadways

Hamlet (Village) of Galahad

Experience to Highlight: Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection, Water & Sewage Treatment analysis and upgrading of Water Treatment Plant. The analysis, design, survey, project management and construction management of municipal infrastructure upgrading including roadways, curbs, gutter & sidewalks, drainage improvements.


Description: DGE has undertaken a number projects for the Hamlet (Village) of Galahad including infrastructure assessments, street upgrading and upgrading of the water treatment plant

Whelp Creek Realignment

Experience to Highlight: Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis, Design and Water Act Approval for a Creek Realignment to comply with Alberta Environment regulations.


 Modifications to the alignment of Whelp Creek resulted in Alberta Environment issuing a contravention notice requiring the land owner to realign the creek to its original condition.  

Storm Management - Lift Stations

Experience to Highlight: Design, Project Management, Tender and Construction Administration for stormwater lift stations, forcemains and outfall structures.


Description: Installation of  lift stations and force mains to convey stormwater runoff from a trapped low areas or stormwater management ponds to outfall structures in railway ditches or creeks.

Gord East

Drainage and stormwater management on an industrial site

Drainage and stormwater management on an industrial site

Drainage and stormwater management on an industrial site

Drainage and stormwater management on an industrial site

Drainage and stormwater management on an industrial site

Drainage and stormwater management on an industrial site

HYW Site

Surface Drainage and Stormwater Management for a natural resources site

Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission

Experience to Highlight: Water Distribution, Hydraulic Network Analysis, Pumping Stations, Truck Fill Stations.

Description: The system obtains its water supply through Strathcona County and extends along Highway 14 serving the municipalities of Beaver County (rural customers, the Hamlet of Bruce and Kinsella), the Town of Tofield, Village of Ryley, Village of Holden and the Town of Viking serving almost 800 residential and business customers. Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission also owns and operates the municipal water distribution systems in the Villages of Ryley, Holden, the Hamlet of Bruce, Roundhill and Kingman. The Commission also operates bulk water truckfills at Ryley, Holden and Bruce.

DGE has provides engineering and drafting services to Highway 14 RWSC for projects including main extensions/system expansions, booster stations, truck fill stations, hydraulic network modeling, system analysis and feasibility studies for system expansion.


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