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DGE's commitment to utilizing the latest technology, coupled with many years of experience in Land and Site Development enables DGE to deliver exceptional designs on schedule and within budget.

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Land Development

Site Development

Geotechnical & Materials Testing

Utilizing the latest technology, DGE's project management protocols and effective work procedures to deliver timely, accurate and complete reporting to meet the most stringent project needs.

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Geotechnical & Materials Testing


Functional Design, dependable project management and technical accuracy ensure the DGE's Transportation projects are completed successfully, and keeps things moving long after DGE has finished the project.

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Survey & Construction Services

Contractors report that with DGE on their team they are able to implement the latest technology, realize productivity gains, meet scheduling and tolerance requirements and improve their bottom line.

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Survey & Construction Services

Project Management

Clients with projects that are facing technical, approval or expertise challenges utilize DGE's expertise and experience to ensure successful completion.

Municipal Infrastructure

DGE provides innovative solution to infrastructure expansion, upgrading and renewal, based on the use of latest technology implemented, and on DGE's vast experience.

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 Municipal Infrastructure

Geointelligent Asset Management

Municipalities and Commissions look to DGE to add intelligence to their Asset Management Plans.

Professional Advisory

Non-engineering professionals such as lawyers and accountants, along with insurance/bonding companies, utilize DGE's expertise and experience to successfully understand and interpret the engineering requirements that are critical to the files they are working on.


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