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Company Vision

Our Clients trust us to deliver because we:

  • Are Diligent, Genuine and Effective;
  • Focus on client value, delivering what the client wants when they want it;
  • Pursue perfection through continuous improvement;
  • Encourage innovation and creativity in our team members;   
  • Have a highly skilled and motivated professional engineering team that is sought after; and
  • Provide our clients with a consistent experience from first contact through to project completion.


Our Employees are enabled to accomplish their career objectives in a challenging and supportive environment by:

  • Having fun;
  • Experiencing a company culture worthy of its employees and their goals;
  • Receiving encouragement and support to advance their professional development;
  • Being able to realize their leadership potential;
  • Utilizing well thought out and easy to use business systems and operation manuals that guide work flow through the fundamentals allowing concentration on our core values of  Innovation | Value | Reliability; and
  • Working for an employee owned company.


Martin Gillett, P. Eng., Senior Project Manager/Principal
Over the past 25 years Martin’s duties have included all aspects of civil engineering projects and during this time he has developed expertise in project management, land and site development, municipal servicing, storm water management, and hydraulic network analysis.

Read Fenton, MBA, P.Eng., Project Manager/Geotechnical Engineer
Read has seven years of geotechnical design, materials engineering and project management experience including bid preparation, foundation design and analysis, reinforced steel inspection, construction monitoring and compaction. Read returned to school for his MBA and graduated top of his class with a focus on project management and leadership. Read teaches a course on project management for Metro Continuing Education. Read has significant experience with geotechnical projects including for high rises, highways, residential commercial, large scale industrial and rural developments.

Roy Laidlaw, C.E.T., Senior Project Manager
Roy has over 30 years' experience in design and project management for civil, environmental and municipal engineering projects. Roy has developed and demonstrates expertise in Water and Waste Water Systems through designing and overseeing the construction, renovation and upgrades of numerous water treatment plants and sewage lift station facilities. In addition, Roy’s expertise covers the design and construction of varied and extensive civil, municipal infrastructure and land development projects.

Rory Poyser, C.E.T., Survey Manager
Rory has over 15 years of experience in field surveying including projects in mining/industrial/oilfield/gas sector, land development, highways and municipal roads. Rory has developed expertise with CAD software along with various survey software and equipment, allowing him to exceed on projects of all levels of difficulty.

Our Commitment

  • We employ the latest in technology;
  • We encourage the use of innovation and creativity by our team members;
  • We promote a culture that encourages both professional development and personal growth;
  • We provide the mechanisms to encourage every team member to develop, quantify and present innovative strategic and tactical business systems and technical solutions for company-wide implementation; and
  • We achieve operational excellence through scientific, systemic thinking and constancy of purpose.

Ultimately, we believe in:

Innovation | Value | Reliability

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